1º y 2º DE PRIMARIA:

Goldilocks and the bears(infantil)

Body| Colours |Play ground

Animals| How many| Face

Food| Cuestionario Food

Review activities| Animals in the farm

The farm| Body|Clothes

Put on take off| Food

Review activities


Sports 2

3º y 4º DE PRIMARIA:

At the circus | Tea at grannys | Clothes

Actions | Questions | At the park

Body | Description of animals| Animals

Body | Review Activities | Castle

In the jungle| House | House daily routines

Numbers|Numbers Crossword | Positions prepositions

Puzzle house | To have got | Transports

Dominos house |Prepositions | Wizard school

Orchestra | Describing clothes | House 2

The lion and the mouse

5º y 6º DE PRIMARIA: